Adam Scott Goranson: Facts You Don’t Know About Alicia Linda Goranson’s Brother

Adam Scott Goranson

Adam Goranson is the only brother of Alicia Linda, a recognized actress featured in various films and television shows. Adams’s birth years records are unclear, but his parents are Linda and Stephen Goranson. Adam Scott Goranson’s father worked as an Environmental Protection Agent while his other was a teacher at Evanston Township High School. Adam grew up with her sister in Evanston, Illinois; below is more information about him.

Adam Scott Goranson’s Sister

Adam Scott is blessed with one sibling with whom he spent his childhood. Adam’s sister is Alicia Linda Goranson, a famous actress born on June 22, 1974. Adam’s sister is an actress, and her involvement in the film industry has made her grow her net worth tremendously.

In late 2016, the net worth of Adam Scott’s sister was estimated to be $1.5 million, most of which was contributed by her career in acting.

Adam Scott Goranson’s sister went to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, majoring in English. Adam’s sister was active in other activities and played rugby in college. When Adam’s sister was 14, she ventured into the acting industry.

She was cast in Roseanne, a famous ABC sitcom where she played one of the lead actors as Becky Corner, the eldest daughter of Roseanne. The actress continued showing in the film until 1992 when she left for college to focus on her studies. The show had scheduling conflicts with her school, and she decided to forego the show to study.

Although she left for Vassar, she continued appearing in a few episodes because of the distance. She lived in another country then, and she played her Becky character when available.

The Career of Adam Scott’s Sister

The appearance of Adam Scott’s sister in Roseanne made her recognized in the Hollywood family. The film gave her the exposure she needed and the recognition from Hollywood. Her acting made her nominated twice for the Young Artist Award, earning the TV Land Award.

The following years were the best for Adam’s sister as she appeared in several films. She made guest appearances in several series. Her guest appearances from 1994 to 2004 in several series increased her net worth and recognition, leading to her lead role in Myra in Love Ludlow, a comedy film.

In 2010, she played the supporting role of Sandra in The Extra Man. Scott’s sister continued to get featured in other films in the following years, and her latest appearance was in Inside Amy Schumer. Currently, Lecy Goranson serves as a jury member for the 2016 Seattle Shorts Film Festival.

Unfortunately, there is not much about her personal life, and it is unclear if Lecy was ever engaged in any romantic relationship. Lecy has been secretive about her personal life and has no information about her past or current relationship or status.