ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib’s Prize Offer: A Golden Opportunity to Win Big

ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib's Prize Offer: A Golden Opportunity to Win Big

Is the current inflation rate affecting your lifestyle as an overseas Pakistani? A simple solution; switch your remittance provider. Use ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib to send money to Pakistan to get a chance to win one of two PKR 1 Crore bumper prizes or one of 91 PKR 1 Lac cash rewards.

Yes! You’ve heard that right. Amidst the global fiscal tensions, ACE has partnered up again with Bank Al Habib to give back to its users.

The two industry leaders in regulated remittances to Pakistan, ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib are excited to announce their latest offer, which will award a whopping PKR 10 Million to two lucky winners and 91 cash prizes of PKR 1 Lakh to 91 other people.

It’s never been easier to send remittances to Pakistan before. What’s more, the best part? Every remittance paid by ACE Money Transfer from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland and received in Pakistan via any of Bank Al Habib’s 1080+ branches will be eligible to enter the draw without any additional participation and win these big cash prizes.

Why ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib Are Your Perfect Remittance Solution?

Here are some reasons why you should switch to ACE Money Transfer for sending remittances to Pakistan or any other country.

Opportunity to Win Cash Prizes

The bumper prize promotion allows you to win cash prizes between PKR 10 million and PKR 1 lac every day for 91 days. This is an excellent opportunity for users to win interesting prizes by contributing to remittances via legal ways. Users can take advantage of this opportunity to boost their chances of winning while also reaping the benefits of using regulated remittance channels.

Exchange Rates Are Market-Competitive

ACE Money Transfer provides competitive exchange rates, which means the recipient gets more for their money. This can help users get the most out of their money transfers and send more money to their loved ones in Pakistan.

Convenience and Usability

Transferring money via legal means like ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib is quick, simple, and convenient. Customers can send money online or via the ACE mobile app, and the recipient can pick it up at any Bank Al Habib location. This simplifies the money transfer process and saves users time and effort.

Security and Safety Always Comes First

Utilising legal remittance routes assures that money is transferred safely and securely, with no chance of involvement in unlawful operations. This gives users peace of mind because their money is being sent over a controlled and secure channel.

Contribution to the Economy

Utilising legal remittance channels like ACE Money Transfer helps to contribute to Pakistan’s economy. Users can help the country’s financial industry by sending money through legal methods, which adds to economic growth and stability. Users are indirectly adding to the country’s economy by improving the economic conditions of their loved ones in Pakistan.

Wide Branch Network All Across Country

Al Habib has a large network of branches throughout Pakistan, making it simple for users to receive their remittances. Users can effortlessly and conveniently access their funds with over 1080 branches across Pakistan. Their branch network also assures that individuals in Pakistan’s most rural areas can get their remittances fast and easily.

Why Should You Take Part in this Mega Reward Promotion?

ACE Money Transfer never fails to amaze its users with unique and magnanimous reward schemes throughout the year. This one is no different and extremely convenient for users as well.

Promotes Family Support

In Pakistan, these types of massive reward promotions also foster family support. Many people send money to their families in Pakistan in order to help them financially. The campaign encourages more people to send money to their families through legal means by encouraging the usage of legal routes and awarding attractive cash rewards. This can serve to enhance family relationships and improve the well-being of Pakistani households.

Easy Participation

Participation in the bumper prize campaign is extremely simple, with no complex procedures. Customers who send money to Pakistan with ACE Money Transfer from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, or Switzerland are immediately placed into a drawing to win cash rewards. This means there is absolutely no need to take any additional steps to get your entry counted.

Several Prizes

The bumper prize campaign provides an abundance of prizes, boosting the likelihood of people winning. There will be two top prizes of PKR 10 million each to be awarded on the two Eids, and 91 cash prizes of PKR 1 lac each, awarded daily for the next 91 days. This means that users have a chance to win every day, thereby increasing the draw’s worth.

Draw Transparently

The bumper prize campaign will be drawn in a fair and open manner. The winners will be chosen using a computerised algorithm, which ensures that the process is fair and impartial. The winners will also be published publicly, increasing openness and user trust.

The bumper prize campaign launched by ACE Money Transfer and Bank Al Habib will benefit users by giving them the opportunity to win an exciting reward that will help lower their financial burdens in the current challenging times. Users can take advantage of this opportunity and make unlimited transactions with loved ones in Pakistan to increase their chances of winning. If you wish to know more about this campaign, click here.