8 Crucial Things to Check When You Are Choosing a Roommate


Are you considering finding a roommate but confused about whether it is a good idea? Such dilemmas are common among those trying to find a roommate and do not want to regret it later. However, living with a stranger can be overwhelming at times. So you must be smart when choosing a roommate as it influences ease of living and your security.

Statistics reveal that 80% of the renters felt they would like to live with their roommates again, while 40%  felt they would surely look for the roommate option again. However, you can ease up on choosing the right roommate by checking out a few criteria. It would help you understand your roommate’s character and personality better and aid in making well-informed decisions.

As soon as you post a room for rent, you will be flooded with queries, and genuinely interested ones will turn up at your doorstep. Here you need to act smart and consider the right parameters before you say yes to someone. Wondering how to go about it? Here are 8 crucial factors that you need to check when choosing the right roommate.

1. Identity Authenticity

The most important factor that you need to check and verify on a primary basis is the genuineness of your roommate’s identity. If you have posted a requirement online, through a roommate finder website or app, you are definitely going to receive a lot of interest regarding it.

Here, you need not get overwhelmed by the response; instead, set a standard protocol for verifying the authenticity of your potential roommate’s identity. You do not want to live with a person with a fake identity or a shady personality. Thus, check your potential roommate’s identity thoroughly before you say yes to them.

Today, you can do it easily as information is available on relevant websites. You must also cross-verify the information with relevant, authentic, official documents to ensure the person’s identity is true to your knowledge.

2. Lifestyle and Habits

People often regret having roommates because their lifestyles and habits do not match with their roommates’. Hence, you need a roommate whose lifestyle and habits are compatible with yours. Remember, you cannot expect someone to have the same sense of living as yours, as adjustment is the key.

However, you can briefly meet with your potential roommate and discuss their preferences. Get to know them by communicating well and gauging their perceptions about socializing. Good and honest communication will greatly help get a gist of your roommate’s usual lifestyle, spending habits and other general routines. If you feel that things are good to go and you do not see any conflicts down the road, you might consider them as a roommate.

3. Background Check

Background checks are as important as verifying identity authenticity. Hence, when you post room for rent, ensure you have a standard procedure to check your roommate’s background and previous history. In case of references or mutual connections, try to gather as much information as possible from different sources.

It helps to authenticate the information provided by the interested roommate. If your potential roommate has lived in a similar arrangement, try finding the reason for switching and try to establish contact with their previous roommates. Thorough background checks are important for maintaining your security and avoiding any red flags later.

4. Study or Work Schedules

Be it a student or a working professional, everyone has their schedule and having a roommate demands attention to this factor. Having compatible schedules with your roommates is important for a conducive home environment. Thus, discuss the schedule specifics and requirements with your roommates before saying yes.

If you see your schedule aligning with theirs, you may consider living with them. Having a roommate with completely contrasting schedules will surely become a pain; to avoid such scenarios, discuss your working and free hours beforehand.

5. Marital Status

As this is a slightly emotional parameter, you must be a tad careful dealing with this. Knowing your roommates’ relationship or marital status is important, as you do not want strangers walking through your doors randomly at any time. So to maintain your privacy and, most importantly, your security, ensure the marital status of your roommate beforehand.

If you are uncomfortable living with a roommate’s partner, ensure you are clear about it from day one. Speaking of your priorities and preferences will help avoid unnecessary conflicts.

6. Perception of Shared Financial Responsibility

When you post a room for rent, be specific and clear about the financial roles and responsibilities. Sharing common expenses, like rent, groceries, and essential bills, is fundamental to living with roommates.

Thus, ensure you get the message across to the interested roommates. See whether they are willing to share the same perception regarding co-financial responsibilities. Check the financial status of your roommate and whether they are capable enough to meet their financial obligations.

7. Potential Duration of Commitment as a Roommate

Another factor that you must consider before finalizing your decision is whether your roommate shares the same commitment concerning the living arrangements. Be clear on the duration of living arrangements and say yes to a roommate only if their plans align with yours.

Talk with your roommate and discover their intentions on whether they want to move out soon. If your plans do not match mutually with theirs, it’s better to forego such living arrangements to avoid any future commitment disruptions.

8. Pet Preferences and Allergies

Either of you can indeed have pets. But, it is also true that one of you might be uncomfortable around or allergic to pets. Considering this, talk about your concerns with your roommates and try arriving at a common conclusion. As some individuals are allergic to animals, it is better to discuss this factor in person and be on clear terms with it.

Communicate with your roommate about any specifications or preferences that you may have concerning having pets around. You must discuss this beforehand for a happy and comfortable living environment.

Whether finding a roommate via a roommate finder app or considering living with someone you may have mutual connections with, checking the above factors is always recommended. Well, the above tips may ease your decision, but it is always recommended to have open and honest communication with your potential roommates to understand their mindsets. So, are you ready to decide on having a roommate? With the tips mentioned above, we believe that you definitely are!