7 Things To Expect in Getting Illinois Food Handler License Online

Expect in Getting Illinois Food Handler License Online

Do you want to start a successful job in the food business? If so, you should start by getting your food handler license. This license proves that anyone has undergone an approved training program and learned how to handle food safely and responsibly. 

If you’re wondering what to expect in having an Illinois Food Handler License, check out this post to discover more details. 

All About Food Handler

A food handler license is a certificate or permit given to people who have passed a training program on food safety. The license’s purpose is to ensure that people who work with food know the basics of food safety, such as handling, storing, and cooking food, so that people don’t get sick. 

To get a food handler license, you must take a training course and pass a written test. The exact requirements depend on where you live.

Who Needs This Food Handler License?

Anyone who works with food in Illinois, unless that person is a volunteer or has a valid Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) certification. Someone who works in a facility but isn’t usually a food handler but fills in as one when needed must have food handler training.

7 Things to Expect When Getting an Online Illinois Food Handler License

If you’re getting an Illinois Food Handler License, expect the following on the whole process.

  • Program Approved 

In Illinois, online food handler training programs must be approved by the state before they can be used to get a license. This matter also helps you ensure your safety before diving into the course.

  • Certificate of Completion

People who finish the online training program should get a certificate that they can use to apply for a food handler’s license.

  • Knowing Safety Processes

To prepare for the exam, people should expect to learn a lot about food safety practices and rules, such as how to handle and store food properly.

  • Online Exams

In Illinois, people may have to take an online test to see how much they know about food safety. There may be multiple-choice questions and a time limit on the test.

  • License Fee

You may have to pay a fee to get a license to handle food in Illinois. This can be done online or through the mail. The food handler’s license should be suitable for a specific time and may need to be renewed every so often.

  • Keeping Records

It is essential to keep a copy of the certificate of completion and the food handler’s license for records and to show that the license is up to date.

  • Access To Resources

People should expect to be able to use online resources, like updates on changes to food safety rules and best practices, to stay up-to-date in their field.

These expectations may be different in different states. For example, you must meet different requirements to get a food handler’s license in Illinois. 

It’s essential to check with your state’s licensing agency to find out the exact rules and steps for your area.

Does the State of Illinois Need Food Handler License Training?

Yes, it is required. According to Title 77 of Illinois Administrative Code, all those food handlers (except the Certified Food Protection Managers) must get a certified food handlers training within the first 30 days on the job.

When you get the food handler card, for you should give your boss a copy. Illinois law says that employers must always have electronic or paper copies of proof that their employees have been trained.

In-Person or Online?

Again, you can get your food handler’s license in Illinois in person or online. But you should know that any of the courses you should take up must be approved. The Illinois Department of Public Health or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved the training program.

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How Long Does the Food Handler License Last?

Your certificate to work with food can be used for about three years. Once food handler course is over, you’ll have to retake it.

Why Get a Food Handler License Online?

If you plan on working in the food industry in Illinois, you need to take a course on how to handle food. Food safety course training is essential to keep people from getting sick from food. Overall, getting a food handler license online is a convenient and flexible way to obtain certification as a food handler. 

Online courses offer the opportunity to study and complete the certification process at one’s own pace, making it a good option for individuals with busy schedules or limited access to traditional classroom-based training. 

However, it is essential to verify the credibility of the online course and the issuing organization, as local health departments or food safety regulations may recognize not all online food handler license programs.