6 Unique and Trendy Front Door Styles for Indiana Homeowners


Indiana homeowners are always looking for ways to make their homes stand apart from the flock. Having a stand-out front door is a great way to achieve this effect, and to get your neighbors gossiping about your excellent sense of style. To help you wow your friends, family, and neighbors alike, here are six unique and trendy front door styles for Indiana homeowners in 2023:

1. Ornate Style

Do you live in a brick house? If so, the ornate style is a great way to make your home feel more aesthetically cohesive and wholly unique. The ornate style mixes uniquely paneled wooden frames with etched glass, and mail slots in a way that makes them instantly iconic. If you’ve seen many British sitcoms, you’ve likely seen plenty of “flats” (as they call them across the pond) with ornate style doors. The mixture of color, glass, and dynamic styling is what makes the ornate style stand apart from other front door styles. However, ornate style home entry doors tend to be on the pricey side, so make sure you budget for one effectively if you end up going with this beloved style.

2. Fiberglass Style

Similar to the popular steel style, fiberglass style doors provide a trendy and more affordable alternative for homeowners looking to add a sleek and extra-modern feel to their home’s entrance. Fiberglass doors can be customized more easily and affordably than any other door style on this list as well, which makes them popular amongst the artsy types that are looking to stand apart from their neighbors. Fiberglass doors typically have some type of glass paneling associated with their design, but simple, non-paneled fiberglass door designs exist as well. The installation process for fiberglass doors is known for being easy-peasy, which only boosts their popularity further among many Indiana homeowners.

3. Traditional Style

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the term “traditional.” In fact, traditional style doors have not been as widely used over the last few decades as they were in the 60s and 70s. The traditional style mixes beautifully crafted glass panels with wooden, paneled doors to great effect. If you want a door that screams class, you want to consider installing a traditional style door in your home. These doors typically have side paneling and glass that helps accent their already elegant and stunning nature. There’s also a ton of versatility packed into the typical “traditional” style that allows you to make your front door feel unique to your tastes. First-time homeowners will love this about traditional style.

4. Rustic Style

If you want to embrace a sense of tradition with your home’s design, going with a rustic style front door is the way to go. These doors emphasize the craftsmanship and etching of the wood the door is made from, and rarely if ever have any glass paneling. For those who love colorful, bright front doors, the rustic style will be a great fit. If you’ve ever wanted to feel as though you’re living in the movie Mamma Mia, investing in a rustic style front door for your home can help you make that dream come true in 2023.

5. Contemporary Style

Despite the “contemporary” label, contemporary style front doors have remained popular and trendy in 2023. These doors are much more striking and aesthetically daring than most other door styles on this list, despite their seemingly-vanilla name. If you want a semi-circle glass top, beautifully-etched wood, and unique side panels to be present in your front door’s design, this is the front door style for you. If you live in a house that’s made up of many different materials, especially if you live in a home where the entrance is made using a separate material from the rest of the house, you’ll get a lot of stylistic impact out of a contemporary style front door.

6. Wood Paneled Style

For those who love extra-decorative home design elements, installing a wood paneled style front door is highly recommended. The sheer variety of design choices you can build around the rustic-yet-modern style is hard to overstate and gives homeowners the freedom they need to make their front door truly theirs. Wooden front doors are especially popular with Indiana homeowners, so more and more Indiana residents have been opting to install wood paneled style front doors on their homes over the last few decades. Additionally, this style of front door pairs well with a delicately-designed wreath (to help your home feel that much more inviting in 2023).