From Buying Plumbing & Cleaner Business Insurance to Getting Your Licenses Approved – 6 Tips When Starting Your Own Plumbing Business

Business Insurance to Getting Your Licenses

If you’re planning on starting a plumbing business, you will find this ultimate guide useful. It runs through some of the most important points to know, like getting the proper licenses, working on your marketing, and buying plumbing and cleaning business insurance. Read ahead to learn more.


By far, the most important point when starting your own plumbing business is getting the appropriate licenses. You won’t be able to practice in your town by law otherwise. The licenses that you would need differ drastically between the town and state that you live in. Most of the time, all you would need to get approved is proof of industry experience, as well as adequate knowledge in best practices and regulations.

Industry Association

Definitely think about joining some kind of industry association. You would be able to join a large group of other plumbers in the area, and thus learn from them. These associations are also good as you can network and get referred for jobs. Check online for the associations in the area, then find out how you can join them. They would probably have Facebook groups that you can apply to.


No matter the type of business that you are starting, it is important that you invest in proper branding. This would help you get new customers, as more people would remember and talk about you. When it comes to branding, the most important point would be to have a catchy name that is easy to remember.

Of course, work hard on your logo too – it needs to give whoever looks at it a good idea of what you do. While on the topic, make sure that you spend on marketing too. You need to have social media campaigns to target residents in the area.

Quality of Work

One of the most important points when starting a plumbing business is to offer quality services. You would keep clients happy – they would not only keep coming back to you but they would also tell others about how good your services are.

Business Insurance

Business insurance is definitely another important point to consider. There are several ways you can incur losses, so getting a plumber or cleaner business insurance will help you mitigate this.

Business insurance for plumbers is freely available, plus you won’t have to pay high premiums either which is appreciated.

Mode of Transport

As you would be moving from client to client, it is important that you have a proper vehicle to get you places. I would suggest that you buy a van, as you would be able to move easily with all of your equipment and crew.

Final Thoughts

There are several tips and tricks to consider when it comes to starting your own plumbing business. Getting a hold of plumbing or cleaner business insurance is something to definitely consider, as you could face all kinds of losses. Plus, you should remember to invest in branding and marketing too.

Hopefully you found all of the points that were run through useful.