6 tips to make your prospects call you back

6 tips to make your prospects call you back

If you’re in sales, you’ll understand how difficult it is to stay ahead of competitor brands.

The average small business sells less than $100,000 a year. Out of so many sales, not all prospects will call you back or be interested in further communication.

But if you employ a few tips and tricks, you can attract more and more people to your offers. Want to know what these tricks are? Then keep reading!

     1. Be persistent

Many salespeople don’t know the difference between being persistent and annoying.

While you want to keep your potential customers within your reach, it’s essential not to constantly peck them and call them to accept your offer.

If you sound like you’re reading from a script, no customer will want to buy your products because you’ll sound like just another salesperson.

You want to make an excellent first impression and add a personal touch to whatever you say. So, stick to the main script provided but don’t sound like a robot.

     2. Realize that it’s fine to be rejected

No matter how great your offer seems, some customers won’t say a “yes” even after repeatedly trying to pursue them.

In a voicemail or over email, let them know that it’s entirely alright for them to reject your offer.

You can say or write something like, “Just wanted to check up on you. It’s fine if you have decided to go for another offer or product, but please let me know so that I don’t bother you with more follow-up calls and messages”.

Either the client will reply and say they’ve chosen another product or will return to you and apologize for not agreeing to your offer sooner.

     3. Send handwritten notes

Even in today’s age, handwritten notes carry a unique charm that almost no customer can refuse.

It shows them you’ve taken the time to write something meaningful when all other companies print digital notes.

But here, too, you must ensure your handwriting is legible and evenly spaced. If you scribble words in haste, it will give a wrong impression of your brand.

You don’t need to write long, fancy paragraphs to make your clients call you back. As long as you write from the heart, that’s all that matters.

     4. Track your calls

Tracking your calls and labeling them as “warm,” “cold,” or “missed” can significantly help you to figure out which clients are interested in your brand and who isn’t.

If you have many warm leads, you must prioritize them over cold ones.

After that, you can jump onto the cold leads and figure out what went wrong. For example, maybe you called them incorrectly, or your pitch wasn’t good enough.

If it’s the former, call-tracking software will let you know the ideal time to call clients and make them say yes to your deals.

     5. Hand out business cards

Business cards are handy because the receiver gets your brand information all in one place, and many of them will call you back.

You can get a business card printed in the conventional paper format or a digital one.

The main charm lies in how you present the cards to the other person and how they look.

For example, if the cards are printed on shiny matte paper, and your company’s logo is slightly raised or textured, it can instantly create a great first impression. Follow the basic etiquette of business cards to understand more about them.

     6. Don’t assume facts

One major mistake that business owners and salespeople often make is to assume facts without verifying them, especially for customers who haven’t shown any interest.

It’s important to separate the facts from your imagination. For example, maybe the client you called didn’t have enough time to pay attention to your voicemail or was going through some kind of emergency.

Make a follow-up call and politely mention that you missed them the last time. Set a date and time shortly and tell them you’d like to speak to them again.

     Over to you.

These are some of the most valuable ways of getting your prospects to call you back and do business with you. So don’t wait anymore and try out these strategies!