6 SEO Challenges Companies are Facing In 2022

6 SEO Challenges Companies are Facing

You need to take your business in the online world to compete and defeat your opponents. You are living in a digital era and the only way to survive as a businessman is to digitize your business. Without doing so, you will never grow as a successful businessman or entrepreneur. To introduce your business to the internet world, you need a website. This website will represent your business or company and have all the mandatory information about it.

However, you will not be the only one who has a website or online business in a specific category. There are opponents in the online business as well. You need to SEO your website to defeat these opponents. SEO stands for search engine optimization and will help you to rank your website on google and other search engines. You need to hire a professional SEO specialist in New York to optimize your website and business and make it visible to the users.

SEO is not that easy as you have to focus on several things. Hiring experts will help you a lot but you still have to face some challenges. According to the data collected from HubSpot, a world-famous CRM and SEO tool, the brands have to face some major SEO challenges. Let’s have a look at these challenges.

1. Algorithm Changes

According to SEO Christopher Kindig Owner of the Agency Entrepreneuron, Google’s algorithm continues to evolve rapidly. In 2021, there were 10 major updates, followed by another 10 significant updates throughout 2022. So far there have been another 10 updates in 2023 with two major updates in October and another two significant updates in November.
To stay competitive and maintain high search engine rankings, it’s crucial for website owners to adapt to these ongoing changes. Neglecting to update your website in line with Google’s latest algorithm modifications could result in a significant drop in search visibility. This means consistently revising both the design and content of your website to align with Google’s evolving standards, ensuring it remains fully optimized for search engines.

2. Using Keywords

Keywords are the main thing that will help your site to appear at the top when users search in a specific category. You need to use these keywords in the description of your products and services appropriately. You cannot just stuff them in content as it will give a bad impression and will never help in ranking on top of Google searches. Using them organically is one of the biggest SEO challenges.

3. Compelling Titles and Meta Descriptions

The title of any content on your website matters a lot when it comes to SEO. You need to make it compelling so people pay heed to the content present on your website. Similarly, you need to focus a lot on the meta description of your content as well. Meta description will be the first line and it must touch the pain points and solutions at the same time. Writing it is a challenging task.

4. Mobile Friendly

Your website must be mobile-friendly for SEO as most internet users now prefer their smartphones to search for several things. Your website must run smoothly and swiftly on mobiles. According to survey reports, 53% of users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, you need to keep your website mobile friendly which is one of the biggest SEO challenges as you have to bring all the features, information, and content on your site on a smartphone’s screen.

5. Leveraging Videos

You must also add videos related to your content on your website. This will help you to grab more audience and keep your website SEO as some people prefer to watch a video rather than read a whole article. You can leverage videos with good content on your website. However, editing videos, adding chapters, making the points clear, keeping them interesting, and transcribing them are no less than a headache.

6. Getting a Good Position on Google’s Results

Getting into the top search results is the main purpose of SEO and probably the key challenge as well. You need to use good content, tags, headings, keywords, backlinks, and advanced strategies to appear higher in searches. You need to do proper homework to rank your site on Google.


You cannot give enough time to SEO for your website after handling your company or business throughout the day. Therefore, you must hire experts for that purpose. However, make sure to only trust professionals for this purpose. Thus, choose your staff wisely. Also, keep these SEO challenges in your mind and plan your strategies to deal with and overcome them.