6 Must-Know Interior Design Tips for 2023


Interior design is an exciting journey. When you’re looking to make your living space pop, you’ll need to sit down, and heavily consider what decor choices and ideas will serve your goals best. If you’re ready to start your next dream project, here are six must-know interior design tips that can assist you in your journey:

1. Trust Your Taste

Relying too much on tips and guides can be a detriment to making a room that you truly identify with. You want to make a room that feels like you, after all. To do so, you’ll need to trust your gut when designing the aesthetic of a room in your home. Trust your taste and you’ll create interior design setups that will wow your neighbors and friends. Looking at tips and tricks online is a great starting point, however, and sites like Pinterest are great for gathering together inspiring pictures of interior design that you’d like to build from. The journey of finding the right decor and design choices is thrilling and will help you feel much more satisfied with your eventual interior design setup.

2. Find the Right Curtains

To make a room truly pop, and to make its style feel inspired by the outdoor area of your home as well, you need to find a quality curtain that complements the room’s vibe. There are a ton of different curtain styles out there, so finding one that will make your windows feel complete, and that will allow in proper amounts of light throughout the day, is key. You’ll need to carefully consider the length and cut of your curtains as well. The styles that will serve you best will all depend on the length and width of your windows (as well as how they open). Most curtains benefit from quality draw traverse curtain rods. For most rooms in your house, however, you’ll have a wide variety of curtains that could be potentially installed.

3. Be Cohesive

Staying cohesive with your room’s aesthetic during the design process is crucial. You want the room to tie together nicely, and present a stable statement to everyone who enters the room. Some rooms can benefit from a slightly more eclectic feel, however, with living rooms being the prime example. You should consider the color patterns that exist in your room especially, as too many clashing curtains in decor and paint can cause a room to feel off-putting. Making sure that you have furniture and rugs that help to define the space’s core social areas is critical as well. With the right amount of effort and creativity, you can create a cohesive room aesthetic with ease.

4. Consider the Space

When you’re getting ready to tackle an interior design project, you should always do one step first: measure out the space so you can effectively design your decor choices. If you try to do so blind, you’re putting yourself at risk of having to go back to the store for a change-up (which is an annoying task that no one wants to do). If you have a wide open room, you’ll want to find ways to spread out furniture and other objects in a cohesive way, and that feels attractive. Doing so will make people feel more drawn to the space, and will ensure they want to spend quality time in said space.

5. Use Fragrances

There’s a lot to be said about creating a vibe and mood in a room when approaching an interior design project. From house plants to candles, you can set up plenty of decor choices that will help the scent of a room feel defined and enchanting. Whether you’re using lavender candles, scent-filled flowers, or quality incense, you can make a room feel more inviting than you’d ever dreamed of. There are tons of options in this area, so getting creative and trying out different fragrances to find what fits best is highly recommended. You’ll have a ton of fun as you experiment with different fragrances in different spaces.

6. Lighting is Key

If you want a space to feel comfortable, you need lighting that will make that space easy to use and cozy. Rooms that are meant for more active socialization will benefit from brighter lights, while rooms that are meant for relaxing can benefit from softer lights. You will also need to factor in how any outdoor light affects the lighting setup of your room. If you invest in LED lights, you can buy customizable versions, so you can change up the mood and vibe of your room with ease.