5 Ways to Improve Auto Repair Shop Customer Retention

5 Ways to Improve Auto Repair Shop Customer Retention

Customer acquisition and customer retention are two important ways to increase business for your auto repair shop. It’s important to note that customer retention can cost businesses as little as 1/7 of the cost of customer acquisition. Coupled with consumers’ increased willingness to spend money with a shop they’re familiar with, it’s clear that customer retention is a powerful way to keep your business in the black. Your customers are going to need parts such as car fuses, brake parts and fasteners. Here are five ways to ensure they continue to choose your shop when they do.

1. Keep Customers in the Loop

A little transparency can go a long way in this industry. Many consumers want to know upfront what a repair will cost them. Remember that the average car owner knows significantly less about car fuses, fluids and brakes than you do. When explaining issues and needed repairs, focus on considerate communication that does not come across as condescending.

2. Price Services Competitively

In this economy, your prices will inevitably rise. Nonetheless, aim to keep your rates at or slightly below the average in your area. Prices higher than your competitors may temporarily increase your profits, but you might lose the difference when your clients realize they can go somewhere else cheaper. A commitment to competitive pricing shows your clientele that you’re in business for them.

3. Only Recommend What’s Needed

While it may seem like upselling clients on nonessential services is a good way to increase profits, this tactic may actually diminish your long-term goal of customer retention. When customers feel like you are using every interaction to sell them something they don’t need, their willingness to return to you for the services they do need decreases. On the other hand, by only recommending necessary parts, repairs and services, you build rapport with clients who feel like you have their best interests in mind.

4. Use Quality Parts and Supplies

Customers want parts that will last them years, not months. Similarly, you want to build a relationship with your clients that stands the test of time. From larger automotive elements, such as radiators, alternators and transmissions, to smaller components, such as car fuses, batteries and bulbs, using quality parts and supplies while keeping your prices competitive is a sure way to retain your customer base.

5. Create a Loyalty Program

Consider starting a loyalty program to help customers offset the rising cost of repairs and incentivize them to continue choosing your establishment. This program might include coupons and promotions for returning customers or a discount for new customers and the current clients who referred them. Member discounts on routine maintenance like oil changes and wiper blades will keep customers coming back between larger repairs. Customer loyalty programs are a mutually beneficial way of adding value to customers’ experiences with your brand.

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