5 Tips to take advantage of technology at a trade show

5 Tips to take advantage of technology at a trade show

Trade shows offer wonderful opportunities for your business to showcase its latest products and services to engaged audiences. However, with so many other exhibitors and thousands of attendees, it is usually challenging to stand out. Technology can be the key differentiator in driving booth traffic and engagement.

In this article, we provide 5 smart tips to integrate technology into your trade show booth for maximum visibility and connection with prospective customers. From AR/VR experiences to lead retrieval apps and interactive displays, we show you how to use nstands technologies to provide memorable trade show booth experiences that can outlast the show itself.

Let’s learn how to stand out from the exhibitor crowd!

1. Use interactive displays

Using interactive displays like touchscreens in your booth design grabs attention and provides memorable prospect engagement. For example, have touchscreens run dynamic product demos that allow attendees to explore features at their own pace. Or create an interactive digital catalog that lets visitors visually browse offerings with a swipe or tap.

You can also add VR/AR elements to showcase products via 3D models or holograms. This takes the experience to the next level of immersion and wow factor. Interactive displays invite booth visitors to actively engage rather than passively observe. They also enable the collection of prospect information for further follow-up post-show.

2. Social media and digital marketing

Social media and digital marketing campaigns leading up to and during the trade show give you a prime opportunity to drive booth traffic and continue conversations after the event. For example, introduce an event-specific hashtag and imprint it on all your marketing material.

Make sure you keep encouraging visitors to snap photos of your booth display or while engaging with products and post them online using your hashtag. This user-generated show floor content spreads brand awareness to prospective customers, including those unable to attend in person.

You can also consider running Facebook or Instagram contests for giveaways in exchange for shares and engagement. Interactive social media campaigns turn attendees into amplifiers, expanding your messaging and visibility during the critical trade show sales cycle. They also promote post-show connections, which will enable you to further nurture sales prospects generated from booth interactions.

3. Use lead retrieval apps or devices

Using lead retrieval technology is a must for capturing sales prospects at a trade show. Rather than relying on paper sign-up sheets, you can use mobile apps, QR codes, or wireless scanners to instantly collect attendee contact and interest data at your booth.

For example, attendees can easily tap their name badge to check in via NFC or scan a code to submit information. The data is then uploaded to a central database for your team to access. This enables quick follow-up post-event while interest is still high.

Lead retrieval technology also allows for appending notes to prospects for more customized outreach. And analytics provide insight into booth interactions and interests that drive conversions. Ultimately, fast lead capture enabled by mobile apps and devices helps you maximize trade show investments through better prospect connections.

4. Set up live streaming for remote participation

Don’t limit your trade show presence to just those able to attend in person. You can set up live-streaming to enable remote attendees to participate and expand your audience’s reach. For example, conduct product demonstrations, booth tours, or Q&A sessions through live-streaming platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitch.

Make sure you provide the stream link across marketing channels for a broader viewership.  You may also try gamifying streams with giveaways and prizes for increased engagement. Streaming key segments makes the trade show experience more inclusive, andit enables you to repurpose content across platforms later.

As an additional quality measure, make sure you maintain a live chat for stream participants to ask questions, just like the in-person trade fair visitors. The result is amplified event messaging and continued lead generation even after leaving the trade show floor.

5. CRM Integration for Follow-Ups

Integrating your trade show systems with CRM software enables seamless lead follow-up, driving conversions long after the event concludes. For example, you can sync your lead retrieval app data with your CRM platform to automatically trigger customized follow-up emails to prospects based on their interests and interactions. This timely and relevant outreach keeps your brand at the top of their minds.

In addition to the above, you can sync calendar integrations to automatically schedule phone calls or email reminders to connect post-show while interest remains high. The more you automate post-show nurturing based on event data, the better your chances of closing sales. CRM integration creates an efficient system to capitalize on generated leads turning your substantial trade show investment into revenue.

In conclusion

Trade shows are invaluable for business growth, but simply showing up is no longer enough. To truly capitalize on these events in today’s technology-driven world, you need to use solutions that maximize visibility, engagement, and lead follow-up. The resources and innovative tools are readily available to enhance your presence.