5 Tips to Make Yourself at Home in Augusta County

Make Yourself at Home in Augusta County

Are you planning a move to Augusta County? Expect a warm welcome! You’re going to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and the many activities that people travel for thousands of miles to experience but that are now close to your home. But first, it’s time to settle in, attend to a few practicalities, and find your feet. Use these tips to help you get comfortable faster.

1. Find Your Home in Augusta County

Most people in Augusta County own their homes rather than renting. You can too. Watch out for homes advertised for sale, and if you see some you like but find too costly, keep looking out for changes to the value of homes for sale in Augusta County. Prices sometimes come down. On the whole though, you should find that you can afford better housing here than you can on average elsewhere in the US. Apart from the houses themselves, you’ll find that many properties feature large yards, so invest in the outdoors and start planning your dream garden.

2. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Good neighbors are worth having. Although there will always be unsociable people, most folks in Augusta County are just the sort of neighbors you’d like to get to know: friendly without being overly curious, and caring enough to watch your back. Invite them over for coffee as soon as you’re settled enough to host an informal get-together – that is, if they didn’t stop by to say Hi as soon as you came in to land!

3. Make a List of Essential Phone Numbers

Everybody needs to know a good doctor, a good dentist, and a helpful handyman to name but a few. Ask your neighbors for recommendations and save those numbers. That way, you’ll know how to get in touch with professionals that your community supports because they’re good at what they do.

There’s no shortage of medical professionals or tradesmen in Augusta County, but endorsements from others can help you to find the best ones who are based close to your new home. Need emergency numbers? There’s a free printable list available online.

4. Pick Your Pleasures and Do a Little Research

Just because most of Augusta County is pretty quiet doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the “frontier lifestyle” its earliest residents lived. There are plenty of natural beauties and backwoods trails, but there are also plenty of fun festivals, happenings, and cultural attractions ranging from historic buildings to modern art. You might even decide to try or witness something that’s new to you. There are more things to do than you may have expected, so there’s no excuse to stay home in front of the TV unless that’s what you really want to do!

5. Make Some Like-Minded Friends

Getting settled means building a circle of friends. Consider volunteering, joining clubs and societies, and finding ways to be an active member of the community. If you’re into golf, then one of the best golf courses in the world plus opportunities to socialize go with your sporting pleasures. You’ll find that your social circle and your knowledge of the area grows in the process. The best way not to be a stranger, is to become a friend, and with its relaxed atmosphere, Augusta County is a great place to find them.