Every nurse aspires to perform better at their job and be successful in their career. Although being a nurse may seem easy, it comes with innumerable responsibilities. Administrating medications and treatments, providing high-quality patient care, operating medical equipment, performing diagnostic tests and physical examinations, etc., are some of the major duties of a nurse. It is an honorable profession that allows you to grow your career and become an expert.

The nursing field offers ample opportunities for growth and progression. As the largest workforce in the healthcare industry, nurses consistently encounter new avenues for career development, enabling them to navigate different paths and embrace fresh possibilities throughout their professional journey.

What should you do to advance your nursing career?

If you feel that your career has become stagnant and you want to give it a boost, here are the most helpful tips to help you climb up the ladder of success:

  1. Go for an advanced nursing degree.

In order to have a bright career in nursing, the first step is to advance your knowledge and skills. There are no shortcuts to a successful career. As a nurse, you can provide better patient care if you have developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. As a registered nurse, you must pursue an advanced nursing degree to advance your career.

A nursing diploma alone is not enough to make you a successful nurse. However, a BSN degree is a great way to advance your career. It is an advanced program for registered nurses who want to deepen their knowledge and advance their clinical practice. Luckily, fast track RN to BSN online programs allow you to complete your advanced nursing degree in as few as 14 months. Since the program is 100% online, you can continue your education without giving up on your job. You can also choose compact states for a better perspective.

Here are some additional benefits of having an advanced degree in nursing:

  • With a BSN, you will have several career advancement opportunities, such as nurse practitioner, nurse educator, and more.
  • Nurses with BSN have a salary potential as high as $77,600 per year.
  • The employment rate is higher for nurses with a BSN than for a nursing diploma.
  1. Build leadership skills

Leadership is an essential skill that all employers seek in candidates. As a nurse, if you want to be promoted or hired for administrative roles, you must have more than an advanced degree. By acquiring essential leadership qualities, you can manage difficult situations efficiently, make well-informed decisions, lead a team, and much more. Having these leadership skills will make you stand out from other nurses.

Here are some ways to build leadership skills:

  • Take additional responsibilities at work, such as mentoring other colleagues, chairing committees, and more.
  • Mentorship goes both ways. While you mentor your colleagues, remember to find a mentor for yourself.
  • Be self-aware and work on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop outstanding communication skills.
  • Always be willing to learn more and expand your knowledge and clinical expertise.

Being a good leader goes a long way than you think. With leadership qualities, you will outperform your job, and the probability of getting promoted will escalate.

  1. Networking through professional organizations

Networking is a great way to give a boost to your career. If you are a nurse looking for career growth, avoid staying confined to your workplace. Get involved in professional organizations and engage with other healthcare professionals. Building relationships with potential employers, fellow nurses, and healthcare administrators at seminars and conferences will allow you to interact face-to-face with like-minded people and make life-long connections.

Some additional benefits of networking in nursing are as follows:

  • Networking will help you expand your access and knowledge of industry news, and you will get the latest updates on everything, including emerging treatment guidelines, legislative changes, and more.
  • Your increased contact with other healthcare professionals in the industry will be a source of numerous career advancement opportunities.
  • By interacting with healthcare experts, you will learn more career paths that can contribute to your success in nursing.
  • Connecting with other professionals from the same field also allows you to gain knowledge and learn from their experiences.


  1. Keep abreast of the latest technological advancements

Healthcare technology has been constantly evolving. Therefore, staying up-to-date with the latest technological trends is essential for nurses. It will help you understand the modern healthcare system more deeply. Moreover, if you aspire to be hired for managerial roles in nursing, an in-depth knowledge of technology and its applications will make you an attractive candidate for the job roles.

Following are the latest technology trends to watch in 2023:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Health information systems
  • Electronic medical records
  • Patient-wearable medical devices
  • Telehealth services
  • AI and machine learning

Having a basic knowledge and understanding of technology will significantly boost your career in several ways. Improved patient outcomes, easy data collection, diagnosis, and reporting are benefits of being familiar with healthcare technologies.

  1. Volunteer for special projects

Volunteering for special projects can have a profound effect on your nursing career. When you voluntarily take part in special projects and events, it enhances your leadership and communication skills. You also get to learn about the inner workings of your organization. Furthermore, it creates a positive image in front of your seniors and mentors that you are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Volunteering also has a positive influence on your resume-building. It will help you differentiate your resume from competitors, making you a preferred candidate for job roles. You can gain not only personal and professional experience but also real-life experience. All of it combined plays a huge role in advancing your nursing career.

Bottom line

A successful nursing career is every nurse’s dream. They will go above and beyond to outdo themselves and achieve their career goals. Fortunately, nursing is the kind of field that provides nurses with enough freedom to give an uplift to their careers. There are many ways to achieve career advancement in nursing. Continuing advanced education, developing leadership skills, making connections, volunteering, etc., are the most helpful ways to try. You will witness your career breakthrough in little time.