5 Great Tips to Supersize a Smaller Living Room

Supersize a Smaller Living Room

The living room is a special place in the house where we relax with family, entertain guests and enjoy our free time alone. Many of us are spending more time at home and looking at the living room with a new perspective. Now that the living room has taken on a more crucial role in our lives, it is time to modernize this revered space to make it the welcoming place it deserves.

The paint colours, living room furniture styles, and wood finishes in your space don’t have to match, but they should create a harmonious mix to be aesthetically pleasing. A popular way to create a balanced, open concept for a large space is to use a neutral colour palette throughout. Painting all adjacent walls, with the same neutral colour can unify the visual flow.

Luckily some moderate updates can make a big difference. Here are some living room tips Pro X Property Management Company says you should keep in mind when decorating your living room.

Make your Sofa the Leading Man

If you are looking for the perfect home furnishing, then a sofa is a good choice of furniture to complete your living room. Adding a sofa in an eye-catching colour to a smaller living room can make the sofa the star of the room. The sofa in a spectacular colour draws attention away from the size of the room and toward the furniture. You can visit your local furniture shop for more options.

Capitalize on Symmetry

Your living room lends itself to symmetrical furniture placement. You can create a sense of balance and calm. A good way to create symmetry is to arrange two small sofas or loveseats around a central point. If you want an architectural feature that acts as a natural focal point, like a fireplace or bay window, place your couches on either side with the cocktail table in between. If you do not, you can create a center point with a big painting or a wall-mounted electric fireplace.

Do not Forget the Mirrors

Mirrors add depth to your space and make your smaller living room appear much larger. A beautiful wall mirror can reflect and direct both natural and artificial light into your space to visually maximize your space. They can be used for decorative and functional purposes. In addition, there are different types of shapes, so you can find one which is perfect for your home decor. Mirrors offer a lot of beauty and charm if used properly.

Create a Conversation Area with Furniture

The main purpose of a living room is to have a place where you can meet people you like and want to talk to. Create a more casual and welcoming atmosphere with a conversation area. Create a more inviting area by mixing and matching furniture pieces to create an eclectic look that’s right for your home. With a retro look, the curved armrests and backrests of sofas and chairs are in the spotlight. The tubular design is also expressed in the chair legs. The colours and shapes of this aesthetic are downright quirky, fun, and soft.

Never Clutter Your Space with Too Much Stuff

Your living room is the zest of your home. With the right pieces, you can create the perfect space for entertaining or enjoying a conversation with friends, family, or special someone. Similarly, removing items from your living room that are not useful and unneeded can improve the overall look and feel of the space. Ensure the center of the room is empty, and if you want to set up a coffee table, choose a glass-topped table. It looks brighter and makes your room look bigger. You can also set up a work unit to use the length of your room and expand the functionality of the space.


The living room is the most heavily trafficked area of a home. It’s also the epicenter of a home, a place for great conversation, and an always-ready place to hang out – whether it’s for movie nights or an impromptu playroom for the kids. By following our friendly living room design ideas, which include clutter-free storage solutions and versatile seating, you can make the most of your space and keep the brood happy.