5  European Destinations For A Warm Holiday Escape

5 European Destinations For A Warm Holiday Escape

Winters can be long and dreary, but choosing a location with lots of sun and warmth can do wonders for your mood and overall well-being.

December, January,  and February are the winter months in Europe as it transforms into a winter wonderland, but still, there is a ray of hope as several sun destinations offer a welcome winter escape.

From Spain to Portugal to Greece to Malta -there are some fascinating warmest countries in Europe to enjoy the winter sun. These countries are perfect for warm European winter vacations.

Southern Europe aka Mediterranean Europe is the warmest part of Europe. Cyprus, Spain, and Portugal are the warmest countries in winter because of their proximity to the equator.

Tenerife, in Spain with 20 degrees ( 68 F) in November-December- January will be enough to allow you to recharge yourselves, go to the beach and get a tan in the middle of winter while your friends freeze in the cold as they pace the beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.

Choosing a warm and cozy destination is the key as there is nothing more relaxing than soaking up some warm rays of sunshine while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa.

Gran Canarian, Canary Island, Spain

If you are planning for a sunny and warm winter escape, Gran Canarian in the Canary Islands is a perfect destination. The weather here is stable throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees C making it perfect for beach lovers.  It is possibly the hottest place in Europe in December as it is located in the Atlantic Ocean west of the African continent. It has over eighty beaches, including Maspalomas Beach, which is considered one of the best beaches in Europe. The golden sand stretching along the beach offers breathtaking scenery and has become an attraction in its own right. Also, numerous luxury resorts cater to all tastes, making it an ideal destination for couples and families. Water sports like jet skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing are available at most of the resorts and also along the beaches.


Plan a “City of Lights” trip with the Paris Tour Packages. Though the city shines throughout the year, Paris has a special appeal in winter. Sure the weather can be cold and rainy but if you are dressed in layers, you will keep warm and easily handle the temperature changes as you go from heated museums and cafes to cold streets. Europe’s greatest treat is to take a stroll down the glowing Champs-Elysees in winter. Holiday lights adorn the city streets, monuments, and buildings, and Champs-Elysees beams with a bedazzling display of lights on the trees flogging the long boulevard. From ice skating in the Marais to window shopping at the festively decorated department stores, there is a range of winter-specific activities to enjoy in Paris. Winter Sales –“Les Soldes ( the sales) “takes place twice a year in Paris and is a shopper’s dream, with prices slashed on everything from designer clothes to home goods. If the weather gets too gloomy for a stroll along the Seine, there is no shortage of excellent museums and exhibitions that pop up all around the city. Add a sweet note to your visit at any time of the year, but a winter-specific highlight is “Buche de Noel” -a traditional Christmas dessert that’s essentially a rolled-up sponge cake and has endless variations and extravagant formations.

Palermo, Italy

Palmero, the sun-kissed capital of Sicily is one of the best warm destinations to be visited with the Italy Tour Packages. It is popular for its culture and being the fifth biggest city in Italy. Palermo is noted for its history, architecture, and gastronomy. It is over two thousand and seven hundred years old. Winter is also a great season to visit the island, all thanks to the warm Sirocco winds that flow in from Africa. Palermo’s winters are moderate, with temperatures reaching a high on certain afternoons. It has possibly the largest number of UNESCO sites eight in total. Palermo is also home to over two hundred and fifty ancient churches. Do not miss visiting the Palermo Cathedral which originated in 1185 and has strong Moorish influences. One of the best things to do in Palmero is to visit one of the many beautiful beaches including Capo Gallo, Ustico, or Mondello. Day trippers may opt to visit Cefalu which is an hour away from the city of Palermo. There are many foods to try that are traditional and the best place is to head to some of the street markets to get a tasting of them. Sfincione for example is a rectangular pizza that resembles focaccia bread in addition, the cannoli was invented here and the best place to try it is at Cannolissimo.

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal and is known for its jaw-dropping landscapes and sandy beaches.  Royals, celebrities from around the world, nature lovers families, everyone finds happiness in the Algarve, making it a destination to be explored throughout the year. It is like a good old friend always smiling, always in a good mood to warm your heart and take away the worries of the day. It is an amalgamation of spectacular nature, rich history, buzzing nightlife, and an exciting culinary scene. The Algarve is a destination that offers something for every type of traveller. Although it is known as a summer destination, attracting thousands of beach-goers, it is also an excellent place to visit for a warm holiday escape. Another advantage of visiting the Algarve in winter is that you can enjoy its charm without the hordes of tourists who stuff the region in the summertime. Whether you prefer exploring hiking trails, enjoying views of the Atlantic Ocean from its countless beaches, or stroll around the picturesque town, you can do that in peace. Some of the top attractions one should include in your itinerary are the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Ponta de Piedade, the Benagil Sea Cave, and the iconic Praia da Marinha Beach.

Valetta, Malta

An island country in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is one of the warmest places to visit due to its Mediterranean climate, the weather in Malta remains warm and dry so, if you are looking for someplace in Europe to escape for a warm holiday, Malta is perfect for you. Jumpstart your Maltese holiday with a visit to Valletta UNESCO World Heritage site and the capital city of Malta. A visit to St John’s Cathedral is a must in the city. It was founded in the 16th century and the heavily adorned interior of the cathedral is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Europe. For a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, visit the Upper Barraka Gardens. The prime attractions of Malta are its gorgeous turquoise and sun-kissed sandy beaches. Head towards the Blue Lagoon on Comino Island or the Golden Sand Bay on the mainland -as both these beaches are fantastic spots for taking a dip or simply basking in the sun lying on the beach.

Conclusion: Now when you envision Europe think about the warm embrace of the sun and the vibrant experiences that await you in these sun-drenched destinations. Europe’s southern reaches can provide mild temperatures, plenty of blue skies, and sunshine.