5 Easy Steps to Renting a Party Boat in Austin

Renting a party boat in Austin is easier than you think. Crazy inflation and a rocky winter is making party boat rentals super popular as the unique and affordable summer gets away for a day. When you’re ready to start searching Austin party boat rentals, you’ll see the best in the business rise to the top. Pun intended.

All kidding aside, renting a party boat in Austin can be a fantastic experience for you and your friends. Here are 5 super easy steps to making Austin party boat rentals your next big summer excursion without breaking the bank.

All Hands On Deck: Choose a Date & Book the Reservation in Advance

Austin party boat rentals like Premier Party Cruises are becoming super popular because it’s an easy way to party for the day and cruise Lake Travis affordably. That said, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to make arrangements. As soon as you start seriously considering the possibility, it’s time to make reservations.

Whether you have a  special occasion to celebrate or you and your friends just want to enjoy a day out on the lake, Austin party boat rentals is the way to go. Check the weather on your anticipated party date and then call one of the best Austin party boat rentals to make that reservation.

It’s also a good idea to have a head count of all your friends who will attend when you make the reservation. This helps determine the right size vessel for your excursion. For example, if you’ll be partying with 5 of your friends then a 20 foot pontoon boat would be the ideal vessel.

Make Sure Your Friends Are on Board: Tell Them When & Where to Meet

You’ll want to let everyone know when and where to meet. Mark your calendar and be sure your friends do, too. Everyone has that one friend who’s always late to everything and that’s okay but you’ll want to tell that person to be there 30 minutes early. Really, it’s best if everyone is there 15 -20 minutes early.

This allows time for introductions to the fun-loving captain and crew. Plus, it gives everyone time to board the boat, look around, and go through a short safety briefing. There is no lifeguard on duty, so all Austin party boat rentals are swim at your own risk.

This way when your departure time rolls around, everyone is on the boat and briefed so you can get the most out of your 4 hour reservation. You’ll know where to find the bathrooms and everything else you may need to have an incredible time cruising Lake Travis in style on one of the best Austin party boat rentals available.

Beer and Seltzer Only: Don’t Get 3 Sheets to the Wind

As we said earlier, there is no lifeguard on duty with Austin party boat rentals, so you don’t want to get hammered. We want everyone to party and have a great time which is why we provide a large cooler to keep your beer and seltzer ice cold but you do need to be coherent.

We try to discourage hard liquor since everyone will be swimming. Austin party boat rentals are the ideal way to enjoy fun in the sun out on Lake Travis so we want you to be able to remember the experience. It’s not something you get to do every day, you know. Some groups even bring champagne to celebrate the event.

That one friend who thinks he’s the life of the party and always drinks too much is the one who should probably stay at home. Austin party boat rentals are for stress free days out on the water where everyone has a blast and is able to recall the experience. We want you to party and have an incredible time, but safety is paramount out on the lake.

Don’t Get Left High and Dry: Pack Up Your Essentials

Austin party boat rentals are about having an incredible experience out on Lake Travis so the first thing you want to bring is your friends. You know, bring the ones who were included in the head count when you made the reservations. That really goes without saying but, you know we’re planning here.

Next, you’ll want to bring everything else you think you’ll need for the most fabulous time but don’t bring extras just in case because there’s only so much room on the boat. If you’re not really sure you need it, then you probably don’t and you can leave it at home.

That said, you’ll definitely want to bring sunscreen and towels. Bring your identification for check-in when you get to the dock. You can bring extra food along with cups and plates. If you have special floats you want to use, bring those too. We are going to a marvelous swimming hole. Lastly, don’t forget the drinks. Grab your beer, seltzer, and champagne so we can put it directly in the cooler to chill.

Get to the Dock for Your Austin Party Boat Rentals: It’s Smooth Sailing from Here

Now all you must do is show up at the dock and check in. It’s smooth sailing from here. Austin party boat rentals are a unique new way to enjoy some fun in the sun with your buds out on Lake Travis. You’ve got a designated driver, incredible Bluetooth speakers to jam the tunes, and an amazing swimming hole just waiting for a good time to happen. Book your Austin party boat rentals today and prepare to be entertained.