5 Common Wedding Invite Mistakes You Might Not Know

Wedding Invite Mistakes You Might Not Know

You might not even know you’re doing some things that can make sending out your wedding invitations much more complicated. From forgetting to include the date or time of the wedding to over-the-top invitations, there are some mistakes you might be making that you don’t even realize.

Addressing the Envelopes in a Rush

Wedding invitation card are an essential part of a wedding and must be adequately addressed. Many people have their envelopes addressed by a calligrapher, but they can also be done by hand. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to avoid mistakes. A mistake can be a botched formatting, a misspelt name or something else that isn’t clear. Depending on your stationer, they may provide you with proof. Alternatively, you can use a friend who is good at grammar and spelling.

Another mistake that can be made is using an exotic font. This can confuse a computer that is reading the address. You don’t need to be concerned about this if you’re using a digital invitation. But if you’re printing invitations, you should stick with a neutral colour palette. Some ideas are ivory, white, tan and gold. Another mistake is to use a nickname instead of a full name. People often do this because it’s easier. However, nicknames increase the chance of making more mistakes.

Wedding Invite Mistakes You Might Not Know

Missing Time and Date

When sending invitations, giving yourself plenty of time is the best way to avoid stress. That way, you can check out the first draft before sending them out to all your guests. You have more time to fix the problem if some of them get lost. One of the most important aspects of a wedding invitation is the date and ceremony time. You should include these in a logical order and with a clear format. The correct time will allow guests to arrive on time and avoid missing any critical parts of the event.

Another must-have item is a save-the-date text. Save the date wedding cards text are a great alternative to the old-fashioned save-the-date card and are easy to create and send. All you need is a cell phone number to send your special message to your friends and family. As long as you have a few months to spare, it would be best if you considered sending out save the dates up to a year in advance. The least you can do is a few extra weeks to ensure your guests have all the information they need.

Missing Names of the Couple Getting Married

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding invitation, you should consider the names of the couple getting married. This can vary depending on your host family. The last name of the bride and groom is an important consideration, especially if you are going to include their children. A traditional wedding invitation lists the bride’s and groom’s names first. A wedding invitation includes the guests’ parents’ names and a host line. Including the names of the guests’ parents is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to verify who is paying for the wedding.

If you’re hosting a formal wedding, you may want to consider using numerals in the names of the couple getting married. There are no rules, however, about which order to write them. You’ll probably want to spell the names out on the following line. On a more informal wedding, you may opt to include the groom’s name in the greeting, but otherwise, use the bride’s name. Using the full name, not just a short form, is always better.


If you send wedding invitations, there are many things you might not know that can cause problems. You may have an idea of what you want to do, but it is essential to double-check your invitations before mailing them. In addition to sending wedding invitations, you should also send reply cards. These should be stamped with the mailing address. This makes it easier for guests to respond.

It will also make sure you have a final head count. One mistake that can cause your invitations to be rejected is incorrect address information. Be sure to check your addresses with Google Maps and MapQuest. Also, ensure you have an extra set of invitations if people change their addresses. Wedding invitations are designed to give guests a sneak peek into your big day. They include information about the location, ceremony and reception times. A great-looking invitation might be perfect on paper, but it can fail if there are spelling or grammar mistakes.