5 Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Your Case


While motorcycles comprise only 3% of the total registered vehicles in America, more than 15% of traffic fatalities involve bikers. Motorcycle accidents happen in seconds but can result in lifetime injuries and consequences. Victims of motorcycle crashes are exposed and suffer serious injuries, leading to costly medication, lost wages, and other personal damages.

However, victims can claim compensation that can soften their financial blow and offset other losses from the party at fault. Unfortunately, filing for compensation and defending your personal injury case is tedious and overwhelming. Hence, it is prudent for injured victims to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer.

When Do You Need a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

Most motorcycle accidents result in severe, life-threatening injuries. You should consider hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in the following situations:

  • If you suffered serious injuries from the accident
  • If your injuries prevent you from resuming work
  • If it isn’t clear who caused the accident
  • If multiple motorists were involved
  • If the accident involved uninsured or underinsured road users
  • If the insurance company denies or minimizes your compensation claims
  • If you can’t negotiate for a fair settlement alone

Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  1. Guide you through the legal process

Processing personal injury cases, which include motorcycle accidents, is complicated. Understanding insurance policies and approaching the liable insurance company could be clearer. You need to have some legal experience to decipher the details of insurance policies, and filing a compensation claim rightfully becomes daunting. You can also miss deadlines or misinterpret information, leading to unnecessary delays.

These and other aspects of personal injury cases underscore the importance of hiring an attorney. Experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are familiar with the legal processes in their state of practice. As such, they can offer great guidance and recommendations throughout the case.

  1. Help prove liability

Proving liability is the most challenging aspect of personal injury cases. To receive compensation, victims must prove the other person’s negligence and reckless driving caused their injuries. In most cases, both parties often try to deny these claims or shift blame. A motorcycle accident attorney will help you build a solid personal injury case with strong evidence to prove the other party’s liability.

  1. Help calculate the monetary value of the damages

While most accident victims are satisfied with compensation for medical expenses, you can recover a lot from the party at fault. Besides, the injuries and damages sustained after motorcycle accidents exceed medical expenses. Sometimes, it takes a while before the true extent of injuries.

Therefore, apart from medical expenses, accident victims can also claim other damages, such as loss of income, property damage, pain and emotional suffering, impaired quality of life, and wrongful death of their loved one. A motorcycle accident lawyer understands and can calculate the value of all damages associated with motorcycle accidents.

  1. Helps negotiate a fair settlement

Insurance companies like negotiating with accident victims directly because they can easily manipulate them to accept low offers. Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators and can easily convince you to accept an unfair settlement offer. Some insurance companies are notorious for offering biased and unfair settlement offers to motorcyclists, as they are considered reckless drivers.

Such presumptions and opinions make it difficult for victims of motorcycle accidents to receive fair compensation. However, hiring an experienced attorney increases your chances of receiving better compensation. Your lawyer will fight for your rights and ensure you receive fair treatment.

  1. Filing a lawsuit

Even though 3-4% of personal injury cases proceed to trial, you should have an attorney if settlement negotiations fail. Motorcycle accidents are not simple; you should consult your attorney before filing a lawsuit. Occasionally, accident victims presume they have solid evidence and resources to win the case.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work, especially if the motorcyclist has some fault. Besides, hiring a personal injury lawyer to follow up on the case is easier and cost-effective if your injuries are extensive and require prolonged hospitalization.


Besides seeking medical attention, hiring an attorney should be among the first things to do after an accident. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will evaluate your case and determine your eligibility for compensation. They will also guide you through the legal process and defend your personal injury claim in court.