4 Unique and Memorable Family Activities to Try This Month


Are your children feeling ignored and neglected because of the heightened burden of professional responsibilities that keeps you occupied? Do you feel the need to carve out special moments to strengthen the familial bond and make unforgettable memories?

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed as parents managing domestic chores alongside surmounting professional obligations. But doubting and second-guessing your parenting skills and tactics is self-depreciative and not the right solution to address challenges. Whether preschoolers or teenagers, children love spending time with parents and basking in their attention. But it’s not always easy for parents to shower their little ones with uninterrupted attention and time.

We suggest making time for one unique weekly activity that brings the whole family together with action-packed fun. Every family has a distinct approach to spending quality time based on their interests and preferences. Some prefer theatrical experiences in Pigeon Forge, while others love beach picnics. We’ve compiled an exciting roundup of amazing family-friendly activities to spend more time together.

1. Share Some Laughs

Laughter is truly the best medicine to fight off all emotional, mental, and physical burdens weighing down our happiness and joy. And sharing laughter with your loved ones is a profound way to heal together and embrace collective happiness. Is there anything more enjoyable than sharing laughter and hilarious jokes with your family? So, why not plan a road trip to a city famous for comedy shows, like Pigeon Forge, TN?

If you’re looking for a similar experience, visit The Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN. Here, you’ll get to enjoy the most attended and successful comedy show with your kids and have a memorable time together. The show has been running for more than 25 years, offering families and delight-seekers a spectacular theatrical experience.

Comedy is light-hearted and amazingly good for one’s health. A themed show with well-timed moments of comic relief that have you roaring with laughter makes for excellent family-friendly entertainment.

2. Plan A Fun-Filled Picnic

When was the last time you took your family for a fun-filled picnic? If you’ve never enjoyed a picnic with your little ones, it’s time to shift priorities and head outdoors with heaps of treats.

A picnic is a great way to spend quality time together while connecting with mother nature and soaking up the sun. Besides, it’s an affordable alternative to eating out or planning a holiday. Think of it as a day off from your domestic and professional obligations, focusing only on life’s simple pleasures.

First, you must find a destination offering action-packed experiences to delight every family member. We suggest heading to a local national or state park to take advantage of the picnic-friendly amenities and park facilities. Most parks offer picnic tables, bathrooms, and camping grounds in case you want to spend the night under the stars.

Once you’ve found the perfect destination, it’s time to plan a hearty picnic spread brimming with finger food and delectable treats. If you have a portable grill, consider carrying some meats and seasonings to enjoy a bonfire and grilling outdoors. Picnics are much more fun with larger groups, so invite family and friends. You can spend the day playing volleyball or football, hiking local trails, and lounging under the sun.


3. Plan A Movie Marathon

Getting children to watch our favorite movies is a struggle, especially when introducing the 90s and 80s epic classics. New generations have diverse cinematic tastes, and the outdated picture quality and sound effects often irk them into outright rejection. A movie marathon is a clever trick to share your favorite classics, and if you’re smart, combine entertainment with interactive learning.

To execute this plan, you must restrict an entire weekend to endless binge-watching with an ambitious bucket list. The bucket list must include titles chosen by every family member, allowing everyone to feel included and involved. Once you’ve finalized the bucket list, it’s time to create an elaborate setting to mimic a cinema-like atmosphere.

If you don’t have a home cinema, consider recreating one with a projector screen and a comfy environment. We suggest setting up a projector in the backyard and using a mattress, carpets, and cushions to create a luxurious setting. You can light up fairy lights and lanterns to give the area a festive glow. Be sure to maintain a steady stream of takeout meals, pizza, and snacks to elevate your movie marathon with perfect food pairings.

4. Start A Family Book Club

Do your little ones share your love for reading? Or perhaps, you’re looking for creative ways to infect your children with the literary bug that infected you decades ago? We suggest starting a family book club to share your love for reading and introduce your little ones to must-read classics.

Think of it as a remarkable journey back into childhood as you reread your favorite books and reconnect with authors. Harry Potter, Roald Dahl’s collection, and Lord of the Rings are great choices to introduce your little ones to a fantastical realm of creativity and imagination. Enid Blyton is always a brilliant choice to encourage reading habits with plots bound to excite children.

We strongly advise asking children for recommendations and suggestions so they feel included. Book clubs aren’t just about reading together; they’re about amazing, thought-provoking conversations. Encourage your kids to share their opinions and speak out in favor of or against characters that pique their interests.


Every family has unique ways of spending quality time and indulging in their hobbies. Some families love playing sports and engaging in outdoor fun, while others enjoy cooking and baking decadent treats. While making time for family traditions is important, growing together with new experiences and discoveries is imperative.

Embarking on a new adventure, learning a new skill, or discovering a novel phenomenon will bring your family together with unforgettable memories. It’s not always the adults and parents who do the teaching. If you allow your kids an opportunity, they can enrich you with incredible lessons you’ll never find in a self-help parenting book.