4 Popular roof types to consider for your new home


The kind of roof you choose for a new house is an important aspect. Not only will it pull the whole look of your house together, but it also plays a major role in the structure of your house.

This is one of the greatest investments for your haven as it spikes its resale value, as observed by East Bay Property Management. A new roof can give you a return of almost 85% (calculated on its cost) upon putting your house on the market.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the popular roof types you can consider for your new home!

1. Asphalt Roofing

This is one of the most common options that homeowners go for; since it is easy to install, durable, and very affordable. Manufacturers often mix elements like fiberglass and mineral composites to create color variations like brown, red, grey, green, and more.

Some of the pros of asphalt roofing are:

  • It is more affordable than most options in the market.
  • It can be easily sourced because of its widespread availability.
  • It is available in quite a few color options.
  • It is easy to install as well as maintain.
  • It works great in most climates and is recyclable!

As for the disadvantages – out of the two different kinds of asphalt roofing, the 3-tab style is prone to damage in case of strong winds.

Generally, asphalt roofs fade under sunlight over time and are also rather short-lived compared to other roofing options in the market.

2. Slate Roofing

People have been resorting to slate for roofing for centuries now. This natural stone option is durable and will last you a hundred years (with due care).

Not only is it fireproof and resistant to high-velocity winds, but it is also resistant to extreme temperatures and can withstand damage from hail and other moderately heavy impacts.

Today, when people are becoming more conscious about the environment, you can jump on the wagon with this choice since slate is sustainable and can be recycled instead of landing in landfills.

To install the roof yourself, you need the right skills, knowledge, and awareness to do it efficiently and safely. But it’s better to contact the best professional slate roof installers through roofing material sellers to do the job properly!

Although the pros of this option are far too many, good things come with a price. Slate roofs are considerably more expensive than other options and need good structural support to hold their weight.

3. Clay Tile Roofing

This dates back to 5000 years when glazed earthenware rooftops were used in China. The practice continues even today and is a popular option for roofing globally.

They are quite expensive compared to some of the other options and can last 50-100 years (or even more) depending on the maintenance and what it has been subjected to.

However, now there are different style varieties that you can choose from – Spanish, Scanian, and French, to name a few.

But remember that installing and repairing clay tile roofs is quite a pocket pinch. Yet, many people choose this over the other kinds, especially in places that experience very high temperatures.

Clay is quite cooling and helps regulate the temperature inside homes. It is also resistant to high-velocity winds and is quite easy to maintain.

Available in multiple colors, it will add a curb appeal to your new home and give you a reason to boast since it’s also environment-friendly and made from natural materials.

4. Green Roofing

A traditional roof is made waterproof with a membrane, and plants are grown on it. Not only is it beautiful and eye-catching (if it’s maintained well), but it is also a very environmentally conscious choice.

It lasts up to 30-50 years, prevents excessive heat from entering your house, and reduces rainwater run-off.

However, it needs additional care regarding gardening and regularly watering the vegetation. You must also ensure that the roof is well-supported under all that pressure.

Final Thoughts

The roof has been a great investment for decades, so don’t make hasty decisions. Do your market research well and contact experts in this field for the best results for your new home!