3 Interesting Super Sus Roles You Should Try


Are you always just an ordinary Spacecrew in Super Sus? Is being the Impostor not bringing you excitement anymore? When you think about it, Super Sus is a cat-and-mouse chase in space. Impostors try to eliminate others while the rest of the space crew try to survive. But repeated plays can make things boring, especially if you’re only trying the same Super Sus roles again and again. You’ll suddenly find yourself thinking that this cat-and-mouse chase has made you pretty blasé.

Let’s add some variety and excitement to your Super Sus games, shall we? Here are 3 Super Sus roles that are super interesting to play! Some of these roles are pretty premium, so top up Golden Star Super Sus before jumping in. Ready to find your next role?

Table of Contents

Time Master

As a Time Master, you get to control time itself! At least, for a little while. With this role, you get to rewind time to prevent any deaths or just to roll back certain movements. When you activate your skill, any deaths or movements that happened in the previous 5 seconds will be reverted. But don’t worry, task progress (especially urgent tasks) and skill effects won’t be affected!

The Time Master’s skill is quite handy to activate to thwart the Impostor’s actions while keeping the crew’s progress intact. If you’re a couple of tasks away from completing and the Impostor kills someone with you, the Time Master’s skill will come in clutch!


Tired of the usual Impostor role? You can spice things up by being a Dementor! Nope, this is not the floating weirdos in Harry Potter that try to kiss you to death. In Super Sus, the Dementor is part of the Impostor Faction and will be out to get all Spacecrew eliminated.

But what separates the Dementor from the ordinary Impostor role is its ability to resurrect or reincarnate itself into the body of a dead Spacecrew! So if you get eliminated, you can easily come back and continue your dastardly ways through your Dementor skill. However, the caveat is that you can eliminate another crew member only once after being reincarnated. Better make that hit count!

You might need to top up Super Sus to buy this role.


This next Super Sus role is a bit disgusting but in an interesting way. The Ghoul’s role is neither good nor evil. You just have to survive! Impostor or Spacecrew faction? It doesn’t matter. What matters is you eat and you live until the end.

“Eat?” Yep! The Ghoul has to devour the corpses of your fellow crew to win in the end. If you’re playing with 10 players, you’ll need to eat two corpses. For 15 players, you’ll have to nominate three bodies. Other players can also see you “digesting” the corpses for a bit and they can kick you out for that. Make sure you’re eating in peace and away from the judging eyes of your crew!

The Ghoul role will cost a few Super Sus Golden Stars, so don’t forget to top up Super Sus to buy the roles you want. You can top up via U7BUY where you can easily buy Super Sus Golden Stars from reputable sellers with fast delivery time. New to top-ups? Don’t worry, there’s a step-by-step guide to help you with your purchase. Click for more top up info!