13 places to visit in the city of Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka and is very much famous as a very important hub of the IT sector. But on the other hand, this is also a very important tourist destination in nations like India and is also very much famous across the globe as the garden city. Some of the significant places that you need to visit in the city while you plan your stay in Shangri-La Bangalore have been explained as follows:

  1. CUBBON Park: This particular place is one of the most important places to be visited by you so that you can enjoy the breath of fresh air in the bustling city of Bangalore. This is spread across 300 acres and is perfectly brimming with greenery and tranquillity. This is one of the most important bases that you need to visit so that you will be able to enjoy the treasure trove of biodiversity with approximately more than 6000 trees and plants.
  2. Lalbagh botanical Garden: This place is tracing back the origins to the 1760s when the ruler of Mysore was initiating the development of 40 acres of land for a private garden for the royal family. What people are witnessing today is the result of consistent expansion and development undertaken by the Tipu Sultan under British rule and several other associated years. Visiting this place is definitely a good idea and the entry fee is only Rs.10.
  3. Freedom Park: This particular place is spread across an area of 21 acres and is occupying the same site where once stood the central jail. The claims of passed in this particular case can be easily seen in the centre of the park where it will be lying the tower which was used in terms of observing the prisoners. Being clear about the water fountain, Jail Museum and book museum in this case is definitely important so that everyone will be able to enjoy a lot.
  4. Lumbini Gardens: This is one of the most important places that you need to visit for the serene environment and landscape which provide people with a good number of benefits. This is a perfect place for a family day out because it also includes a kid’s Park, amusement rides and other associated things.
  5. JP Park: This is the third largest park in the city of Bangalore and is a beautifully maintained landscape which is perfectly spread across 85 acres of land. This particular park is filled with four legs along with a couple of refreshing mountains and a clean jogging track. A musical fountain is also present in this case which is helpful in providing people with a good number of benefits and a very good atmosphere.
  6. Bangalore Palace: This place is one of the most important places which was built in the second half of the 19th century and provides people with a perfect glimpse into the riches of the past. The architecture of this place very well reminds the people of the castle which have been built in the nether in France as well as England. In addition to it, it also has a very large Park which is regularly hosting concerts by heavy international metal bands.
  7. Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan: This is a place where the Tipu Sultan spent two decades of his life and ultimately has a very sprawling palace along with some residents. This Palace was belonging to Tipu Sultan and is also now housing different articles associated with his life along with paintings displayed by the best experts in the industry.
  8. ISKCON Temple: Visiting the ISKCON Temple of Bangalore is also a matter of honour for individuals because this is the largest in the whole world and the foundation of this particular temple was laid down in 1987 as the remembrance of the birth anniversary of the founder. This particular place is perfectly standing out in the neoclassical architectural style so that everyone will be able to enjoy a lot in terms of the basic vibe.
  9. Nandi Temple:This particular place is one of the largest possible places which is dedicated to Lord Nandi and his house in the majestic idol of Lord Nandi which is measuring 15 feet in height and 20 feet in length. This particular temple is very well located in the rock Park of Bangalore city and is one of the most important tourist places that you need to visit.
  10. Bangalore Fort: This is another very important historical monument in the city of Bangalore and the construction of this place was started in 1537. People can easily enjoy a good number of beautiful paintings over here along with wall murals that you need to visit so that everyone will be having the perfect experience.
  11. Government Museum: This particular place is very in operation since 1865 and is counted as one of the oldest museums in the whole nation. It is not capable of providing a rich history but also helps in coming up with an impressive collection of geological and archaeological artefacts for example inscriptions, jewellery and coins. Visiting this place is definitely a good idea if you are interested to have insights into history.
  12. Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium: This is the top attraction of this particular city, especially for people who are in love with science subject. This place comes with amazing 3-D shows, a science Park along with 40 exhibits and a sky theatre. It is also helpful in organising the sky gazing program on the very first Sunday of every month.
  13. MG Road: This is one of the best sports in the city of Bangalore to spend leisure time with loved ones because this place is perfectly lined up with the shops which are capable of providing you with the best opportunity of indulging in retail therapy and having the best food in the restaurants. If you are interested in looking for a place to enjoy local handicrafts and visiting this place is definitely a very good idea for you

Hence, planning the stay in Shangri-La Bangalore is definitely a good idea so that you can enjoy easy access to the places as mentioned above.