13 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up an Outdoor Event Using Portable Marquees


If you’re here, you’re probably looking to make a statement with one of those portable marquees at your next event. And why not? They’re like the Swiss Army knife of event planning. But while they offer the kind of flexibility every event planner dreams of, there are pitfalls one must avoid. After all, nobody wants their marquee moment to become an epic meme for all the wrong reasons. Let’s dive into the dos and definitely-do-nots.

1. Choosing the Wrong Size

Reality Check: A pop up canopy tent isn’t a one-size-fits-all. You might think bigger is better, but no one wants to host a cosy gathering in what feels like a football stadium. On the other hand, cramming too many people into a tight space can transform your elegant soirée into a human tin of sardines. So, measure twice and buy once.

2. Skimping on Quality

It’s true that the cost reflects the quality, especially when it comes to outdoor custom event tents. While those super affordable deals on instant canopy tents might seem tempting, remember: the weather can be unpredictable. Wind, rain, or even an overenthusiastic sun can transform a cheap tent into a regretful pile of fabric and poles.

3. Forgetting About Branding

If your event has a promotional side, ignoring branding on custom tents is akin to throwing away a golden ticket. These tents offer a sizeable space for logos, taglines, and graphics. Missing out on this branding opportunity is like Batman forgetting his cape—just not as heroic.

4. Misjudging Setup Times

“Instant” in instant canopy tents doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have it up in the blink of an eye—especially if it’s your first time. Always account for some buffer time. Because if there’s one thing worse than a late guest, it’s an unprepared host.

5. Not Securing the Marquee Properly

A light breeze can transform an improperly secured marquee into a whimsical kite—fun for onlookers but not for you. Ensure your portable marquee is anchored securely, just like how the 2023’s top hit song sticks in your mind and won’t budge.

6. Neglecting Maintenance

After the party is over and the guests have sung their farewells, resist the urge to dump your pop up canopy tent in the storage room. Wipe it down, ensure it’s dry (to avoid mould) and pack it up neatly. A well-maintained tent ensures longevity and fewer surprises when used.

7. Overlooking Customization Opportunities

Your outdoor custom event tent should be the shining beacon, not just another drop in the ocean. With so many customizable options, it’s easy to give your marquee a unique touch. From colour-coordinated valances to LED lighting, the possibilities are as vast as the horizon.

8. Not Checking Venue Restrictions

Before you set up that majestic custom tent, always check with your venue. Some places have restrictions on tent sizes, types, or even the method of anchoring. Imagine setting up a massive structure only to be told to come down — talk about raining on your parade!

9. Overstuffing the Interior

Just because you have a sizeable portable marquee doesn’t mean you should cram it with every piece of furniture or decor you own. Balance is key. Overstuffing not only hampers movement but can also become a safety hazard. And let’s face it, an overcrowded tent feels less of a “grand event” and more of an “overpacked closet.”

10. Ignoring Weather Forecasts

You might think a sunny day is perfect for your outdoor event. But surprise! Mother Nature has a cheeky sense of humour. Always check the weather forecast, not just for rain but also for high winds or scorching temperatures. Some pop up canopy tents are better suited for specific weather conditions.

11. Forgetting the Essentials

Think of your marquee as a mini venue. It needs the basics: lighting for evening events, fans or heaters depending on the weather, and a first-aid kit because accidents happen. It’s all fun and games until someone needs a Band-Aid, but there’s none in sight.

12. Going Solo on Setup

Many hands make light work. While the idea of instant canopy tents seems quick and painless, the reality can sometimes be a comedy of errors if you’re attempting a solo setup. A buddy or two make the difference between a smooth setup and a day of frustration.

13. Ignoring Future Needs

When shopping for custom tents, think long-term. Maybe you need it for a corporate event today, but it could be for a family reunion or a community fair next month. Opting for something versatile ensures you get more bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

Portable marquees are a marvel of modern event planning—flexible, adaptable, and oh-so-impressive. However, they’re not without their quirks. By being aware of potential pitfalls and planning accordingly, you can ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons. Now go forth, marquee maestro, and may your events always be the talk of the town!