12 Immersing Rakhi Designs for a Blissful Siblinghood

12 Immersing Rakhi Designs for a Blissful Siblinghood

There is magic in every moment, and it’s even more enchanting when we share it with our most loved siblings. As the excitement for Raksha Bandhan builds up, we all become part of a collective joy, reaching out to our loved ones across the miles.

Share this loving heart blissfully with your siblings with our 12-immersing Rakhi designs, curated to melt your miles away.

1. Customise Statement Rakhi:

This delicate metal piece adds glamour to even the simplest outfit for a striking appearance. Gifting a customised Rakhi will be a sleek-looking charm inscribed in full or just the initial of the name or slogan you’d like to dedicate to your brother.

2. The Protective Hamsa Rakhi:

An amulet that guards against misfortunes is usually made of Hamsa Rakhi in the sober colours of blue ash, deep sapphire, and tourniquet black stone. The decorated talisman in Rakhi comes with the sacred central inscription of oneness with “om” and “Ek Onkar.”

3. Peacock Meenakari Rakhi:

Enchanting beauty in design occurs when tradition meets wonder. The peacock Rakhi in Meenakari Design will have an astonishing impact with its glass finish on stones, painted and foiled, and emulated the lasting paints of Rakhi. Choose the most beautifully designed and Send Rakhi to Singapore from India to show your love for your dear overseas brother.

4. Favour Fortune in Evil Eye Rakhi:

People are usually love-struck by the stone collection from the Charm of the Evil Eye. Its variation in aqua turquoise, ash blue, or even deep sapphire hue combined with an illusion of the eye is known for deflecting any adverse effects.

5. Intricate Silver Rakhi:

The most promising of all metallic Rakhis is the unique and intricate design of Silver Rakhi. If you purchase from a good website, your sibling’s delights can be made into bliss in pure metals by buying the most unparalleled Rakhi designs. It can be a Deity’s motif for religious significance or a modern fad in beauty for Brother’s love.

6. Bold Gold Radiant Rakhi:

Its unique shine radiates from a distance. The phenomenal Gold Rakhi is used in combination with Silver, Rudraksha, Pears, and Sandalwood beads further to enrich the expression of the sibling’s abundant love.

7. Personalised Photo Rakhi:

A sentimental rakhi that bears the cherished mark of a loving sister has taken a new turn with photo rakhi. A Personalised Photographed Rakhi for Siblings has been most searched for, causing hype and excitement recently.

8. Leafy affair in Flower Rakhi:

The touch of nature inspires modern Flower Rakhi, which is captivating. It has a glassy finish, with bead flower sequencing and glittering semi-precious stones centring the flower embroidery in Zardosi Rakhi in silk threads made of metal shades of gold, copper, and Silver.

9. Adorable 3D Food Rakhi:

The most delightful treat for people of all ages is the colourful and creatively crafted assortment of pav bhaji, doughnuts, pizza, burgers, and french fries. Whether you want to send Rakhi to Australia from India Rakhibazaar has got you covered.

10. Vibrant 3D Toy Rakhi:

A hyper-captivated bliss is here, especially in 3D design, just for Kids. These interactive Toy Rakhis are cartoonish and sweet, affectionate among kids of various age groups, and will allow all nephews and nieces to attend Rakhi in their grand style, too.

11. Gleaming Navratan Rakhi:

The jewel-studded design of Rakhi, made from many different vibrant shades of stone, adds a touch of royalty to the grand sequence of perfectly studded cut stones in Navratan Rakhi

12. Naturalistic Plantable Seeds Rakhi :

The auspicious collection of Seed Rakhi is embroidered and knotted with a crochet design. This intricate knitting holds the base of Tulsi, Moong, and Marigold Seed Rakhi, as well as a few more surprising seeds that you might like to gift a plantable Rakhi for brothers who like gardening too. Send Rakhi to New Zealand with free shipping from the most trusted and reliable delivery worldwide with Rakhi Bazaar.


Finding the perfect Rakhi to spark your brother with a gleaming look of hope and love towards his sister is such a treasure. His fondness for you deserves to be sent your warmth in stargazing looks, with the wishful luck of him making nothing more than wishing you near