10 Tips to Get The Best Returns on Your Investments in Dubai

When you are musing over the crux of achieving financial independence, begin with learning how to delve into the world on investments. The process may seem daunting at first, but the right mentorship and path can take you places.

The fact of the matter is that making an investment can feel intimidating in this cosmopolitan city. An absence of sound understanding and extensive research can lead to a disaster. On the contrary, strategic investments can generate high-yielding returns. So, here’s a guide on how you can get best returns on your investments in Dubai.

To begin with, Dubai has incredibly evolved in the last decade. Therefore, going by any old school investment plan of action would be an absurd approach.

10 Tips to Get The Best Returns on Your Investments in Dubai

Dubai has gracefully attracted an exceeding count of investors for all the right reasons. Relaxed tax norms, high standard of living and immense opportunities justifies the growth platform. Here’s how you can up your investment game.

1. Deep analysis

A great way to start would be by understanding your current situation. Investment choices and goals differ depending on the age, lifestyle, income and many more factors. Also, one must not encroach on the same types of investment repeatedly. So, a great approach would be understanding the current scenario and then making an informed decision. Make a list of your current assets, debts and investments; and then get going. – – Speaks, (Editor at HRG Investment ( )

2. Long-term investments

Undeniably, most people have a quick-profit mindset and are in a rush to make a short-term investment. However, unfortunately this could end up in burning money. Making an investment over a long period of time can smartly aid in growing wealth. When we speak of long term, it could mean years or decades. Such plans are more resilient to tension caused by inflation. It is a key to capitalizing on compound interest and availing significant wealth. Though far-sighted, do not underestimate the power of long-term growth goals.

3. Expert help


Work with a trusted investment advisor. Beyond a point, it is impossible to grow independently and an expert can help in reducing risk level significantly. Also, once you make an investment you cannot leave it unattended. It requires periodic checks while evaluating the risk tolerance and suitable timeframes. In a snippet, every assessment requires reassessment. The good news is that Dubai is crowded with investment firm options. How about having a look at Start with exploring their story, vision and their process.

4. Diversify, diversify, diversify!

And here’s one of the best investment tips you can ever receive. Diversify your portfolio to the peak. Your financial bucket must incorporate a good mix of investment instruments. Doing this will not just widen your investment bag but also reduce risk to a great extent. Furthermore, diversifying can sustain your portfolio in the midst of unforeseen circumstances. So, take the plunge and don’t hold back from doing the needful.

5. Invest in bonds and gold

Playing it safe is not taboo, so park some of your money in bonds and gold. The risk element involved with both is virtually zero and the growth is consistent. Speaking of bonds, you may not derive high-yielding returns but it is considered a great option because of the security level. In the case of a gold investment, get ready to sit on significant profits. Over the years, the Dubai gold market has proven to be high-returns and low-risk. Also, this space in Dubai is organized, regulated and more controlled compared to any other country.

6. Count on ETFs

ETF’s (exchange traded funds) are today’s most popular investment strategy, so it is a great way of starting small. Dissimilar to mutual funds, ETFs are also accurately transparent. Therefore, investors gain a sense of surety of not being exposed to any sudden surprises. Also, ETFs are subjected to low ongoing cost which adds up as an advantage; especially for beginners.

7. Dividend stocks is a good bet

Dividends are recurring payments made by companies to shareholders. It is a portion of the company’s net income which is shared at regular intervals in the form of equity interest. Study proves that in the long-run, dividend stocks surpass non-dividend ones by 2-3% per annum. This source of income for investors is ideally a smart investment strategy.

8. Take a chance- Cryptocurrency

Most certainly, it’s a great medium of yielding high returns but also towered with the risk element. Cryptocurrency is a hot topic today so we cannot go without addressing it. It is a digital electronic currency that works as a medium of exchange. Though it’s been around for a while, most people around are reluctant about stepping into it. We would only recommend cryptos to investors who are prone to risk-seeking. Stay away if you are happy to be in a safe zone.

9. Real estate

If you have the money, there is nothing more fruitful than investing in Dubai real estate. The city has a stable political climate, strong legal framework and a transparent property market. The thriving economy has never seemed to disappoint investors in this domain with utmost security and ever-appreciation. Furthermore, the bustling city offers a gross rental yield between 6-10% with an average return of 7.5%.

10. Stay informed

Sounds like a no-brainer? One of the most important things to do is stay informed. Once you make an investment plan, begin with exhaustive research. You must be well-aware of how the market is performing and what’s trending. If you are tight on your schedule, get in touch with reputable investment firms. Realistically, that’s the best way forward.

One Last Thought:

If financial independence is your priority, begin investing now. It’s never too early to start. Embrace your current situation, make a doable investment plan and work with a reliable professional. Remember, an investment is your second income. So leave no stones unturned.