10 Tips for Perfecting Your Log Cabin’s Interior Decor


If you’re investing in a log cabin, whether you’re purchasing a pre-built one or building one from scratch, you’ll want to ensure the cabin’s interior decor is not only trendy but that it fits with your personal tastes. If you want to perfect your log cabin’s interior decor, here are ten incredibly useful interior decorating tips you should know about:

1. Green Tones are Relaxing

Everyone loves a solid use of green in interior decorating. When decorating a cabin’s interior, the green shades emphasize the homeowner’s love of the natural world. There are many different neutral shades of green as well, which matches the typically more neutral color palettes that many cabin owners use to decorate their homes (especially in 2023 when neutrals are particularly trendy in interior design circles). Stellar park model cabins for sale in 2023 are almost certain to have plenty of green shades built into their initial design.

2. Use Stone

While wood is the dominant material in the vast majority of a log cabin’s design, you want to use other materials to spice up the overall aesthetic of your home. Stone is especially useful in this regard, as it has that rustic, natural look that the wooden materials are already building. Stone can be used fantastically when you’re designing the living room area, and fireplace, of a log cabin, but the material can be used for many other creative interior decor purposes as well. Stone materials can also help you keep your plumbing safe and up to modern safety guidelines.

3. Leather is In

 Leather is not always in when it comes to interior design trends. However, leather is definitely in this year, so be sure to find quirky, fun ways to use leather in your log cabin’s interior decor. Finding authentic cow hides, leather saddles and other frontier-related decor is especially recommended. That being said, be sure to pick carefully, as leather decor can quickly become expensive. For this reason, leather cabin decor is best used sparingly.

4. DIY Decor Can Spice Things Up

If you want your log cabin to feel truly unique, you need to use plenty of DIY decor. Whether you’re hanging up family portraits, repurposed cartwheels, or some other creative DIY creation, you’ll make your cabin feel much more aesthetic by embracing this decor tip. Your friends, family members, and neighbors will be thrilled to see, and ask questions about, your DIY decor whenever they visit.

5. Keep Things Neutral

As we mentioned earlier, neutral color palettes are in in 2023. If you want to have a modern-yet-rustic feel to your cabin, you need to prioritize the use of neutrals in your paint, material, and decor choices. You want the cabin’s interior to feel at one with the natural world around you (which is likely where you’re building your cabin in the first place). Look online for fun and inventive neutral color combinations, and you’ll soon find the decor inspiration that you’ve been searching for.

6. …But Add a Splash of Color

While neutrals should be dominant in your cabin decor, you should emphasize brighter color decor choices every once in a while. Especially when it comes to mantelpieces and other decor decisions that are meant to catch the eye, the right use of bright colors can be stunning. If you are worried about making the mixture of bright and neutral colors work, you could always reach out to an interior design professional to ensure your log cabin unlocks its full interior decor potential in 2023.

7. Use Camp Blankets

Having the right type of throw blankets and furniture coverings is key when you’re designing your log cabin’s interior decor. Camp blankets are the new hot thing in this regard, so start looking at your local fabric shops for these stylish-yet-simple pieces. They come in tons of colors but tend to favor neutral color palettes. This makes them that much more tailor-fit for the cabin decor trends that you’re chasing.

8. Embrace Vintage Feels

When you invest in a log cabin, you’re often looking for a sense of connecting with the past. Having a vintage vibe to your cabin’s interior decor can help you achieve this much sought-after effect with ease. Go to your local favorite vintage store, and tell them that you’re decorating the inside of a log cabin. They’ll be excited to show you the most fitting and memorable pieces they have available.

9. Add a Rustic Bathtub

Investing in a clawfoot bathtub, or another rustic bathtub, can help push your cabin’s vintage authenticity to the next level. The fact that clawfoot bathtubs are also incredibly comfortable and eco-friendly makes them that much more attractive to the crowds that invest in custom log cabin homes.

10. Amp Up Your Style with Antiques

Finally, you’ll want to intersperse your interior decor setups with plenty of antiques. Find antiques that tell a story, and you’ll make your cabin’s interior look that much more enchanting. Just make sure you don’t break your budget by going for antiques that are unreasonably priced, and you’ll be good to go.