Wellness Write For Us, Health Guest Post Submit

Wellness Write For Us

We would love to have you join our team at Brazendenver! As a rapidly growing health and wellness hub, we are always on the lookout for new writers who are eager to contribute regularly or as a guest writer. Please send ur post to: info@brazendenver.com

What are the Perks?

By becoming a part of Brazendenver, you have the opportunity to share your work with a rapidly growing audience in the health and wellness space. You will receive a byline/author bio with a backlink to your own website or blog, ensuring that you receive full credit for your post. All the articles that you submit will be promoted via social media by our team and we encourage you to do the same with your network, allowing your work to reach even more people.

What Brazendenver is Looking For?

If you have personal or professional experience in the field of health and wellness and would like to share a story or news, we would love for you to join our team. Our goal is to provide readers with bite-sized pieces of health and wellness information. We understand that when it comes to our health, we don’t have time to read through lengthy articles. Therefore, we focus on providing simple, practical, and useful information that is easy to digest.

Write a “bite-sized” article that relates to health and wellness and falls under any of the following categories:

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environmental

We are looking for tips, tricks, advice, and guidelines that can help improve health and wellness. You can share simplified recipes, kitchen tricks, steps to become more motivated at the gym, top 5 ways to stay positive, and more.

Please ensure that your posts are relevant to the “bite-sized” health realm. Be familiar with the type of articles that we accept.

Want to Write for Brazendenver? Writing and Submission Guidelines

When creating your bite-sized article, think of it as an appetizer for healthy living. We do not want the reader to become too full that they can’t remember what they read or don’t have the appetite to read more. Therefore, articles should be quick, simple, and straight to the point.

We suggest that articles be at least 500 words long, but feel free to write as extensively as you wish.

Please proofread your work before submitting it. We may make minor changes to your piece for clarity or quality purposes, but the integrity of your article will remain intact. Any corrections made to spelling or grammar are not intended to offend you, but to improve your post.

Please attach any images that you wish to include in your post with the appropriate attribution and credits. Using at least one photo is encouraged, as people enjoy seeing what we are talking about.

When including quotes, studies, facts, or stats, please include a source so that the reader knows that this is valid information.

Please send us your ideas, along with a link to your blog or writing samples, to get started as a guest writer for our website. We look forward to having you on board! Please send ur post to: info@brazendenver.com