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We welcome guest posts from experienced professionals in the ecommerce industry. If you’re searching for blogs that accept guest posts related to ecommerce and digital marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Our blog, Ecommerce Insider, is read by thousands of entrepreneurs every month, and we’re always looking for high-quality content to share with our audience. Please send ur post to:

What We Cover

Our audience consists of ecommerce store owners and marketers, so we’re interested in topics that will help them grow their businesses. Some examples include:

Ecommerce email marketing

Ecommerce SEO

Conversion rate optimization

Ecommerce Instagram marketing

Ecommerce analytics and data analysis

Ecommerce and Shopify apps

We’re also adding content soon on sales channels such as Facebook/Instagram ads, Google shopping ads, Google search ads, and Messenger marketing.

To ensure your topic hasn’t been previously covered, we recommend searching our blog before submitting your post. If you have any questions or need guidance on topics, please contact us through our contact page. Please note that we cannot guarantee approval of your guest post before receiving the full post.

Quality Guidelines

Our readers expect high-quality, well-researched, and actionable information from guest posts. The more tips, ideas, links, and resources you provide, the better. Multimedia content such as images and videos are also welcomed.

Here are our requirements for guest posts:

The content must be well researched, resourceful, and engaging.

The content must be original and free of plagiarism (we review all posts with CopyScape).

The topic must be relevant to ecommerce and entrepreneurship and fit into one of our marketing categories.

The post must be a minimum of 1,500 words.

The post must be submitted in Google Doc format only.

Proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are imperative.

You may include one do-follow contextual link to your website, tool, product, service, or resource within the post itself.

You will not receive a link to your website, tool, product, service, or resource in the byline of your article.

All content must be exclusive to us and cannot be reposted or syndicated elsewhere.

You must include your own byline (approximately 50 words) and author photo at the end of your guest post.

Enhance the post with images, embedded videos, or other relevant and engaging media.

All full-width images should be delivered at 2x our blog column width to ensure they look sharp on retina/high definition displays.

Use H2 for all major headings and H4 for subheadings.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in delay, rejection, or removal of the guest post.

We reserve the right to approve, reject, or edit content and links as we see fit.

Please note that our illustrator will design a featured image for all guest posts, so there’s no need to submit one.

Types of Posts We Love

We’re always looking for unique and engaging content that our audience will love. Here are some types of posts we especially enjoy:

Expanded list post

Case study

Personal stories

Practical, step-by-step guides

Impartial comparison posts for services and products

Comprehensive resources

Looking for a Writer for Guest Posting?

We understand that some startups may not have writers on their team to write guest posts on their behalf. We offer guest post writing services starting from $350 USD per article.

Who We Accept Guest Posts From

We only accept guest blog posts from established industry professionals and companies. We do not accept submissions from freelance writers or others who are not deeply involved and connected to the ecommerce and online business community.

Submission and Approval Process

If you have a post that meets or exceeds our criteria, please submit it through. Please send ur post to: